Direct-to-Garment Printing

The difference between “classic textile printing” and digital direct printing is that in the latter case, not all colors occurring in the motif are determined before the actual printing process. Digital direct printing uses process colors that mix, similar to CMYK. The goal here is to be able to guarantee an incredibly high color spectrum. The press makes this possible by having five colors available, with which both bright opaque colors and sensual pastel shades can be produced. One of the advantages of digital direct printing is the cost savings, as there are no prepress processes. Another advantage of this printing process is the environmental aspect. There is no chemical waste and water and energy consumption is minimal.

Last but not least, the continuous modernization of our machinery has enabled us to print polyester fibers as well as cotton.  

Let Grantshirt print all kinds of textiles for you. Whether T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, fabric bags, gymsacs or many other textiles. In Herzogenaurach we produce your textiles with our team and ship them to many European countries. We offer all textiles already from quantity 1 up to quantity 10.000 and more.

In addition to our sustainable production, we also distinguish ourselves with our extensive services. Because we offer you the possibility to organize your entire order processing as “print-on-demand” through us as your service provider. So you can take care of things that are important to you.

GRANTSHIRT uses sustainably and fairly produced textiles for the production of your orders. In addition, the textiles of the brands we offer have a very high wearing comfort and harmonize perfectly with our print.

We recognized the enormous potential of Direct to Garment (DTG) textile finishing at an early stage and since then we have been using it consistently and with great success.


Our modern Kornit and Brother DTG textile printing machines enable us to meet almost all customer requirements from the smallest to the medium run size. In order to be able to guarantee you a consistently high print quality for all orders, the printing areas of our DTG printers are specially air-conditioned.

The great advantage of the digital textile printing process is the enormously large color spectrum. Countless color variations and gradations can be printed on the textile. In this area, DTG printing is far ahead of screen printing, for example.

A further advantage of this type of printing is the range of applications. It can be used for many different textiles such as T-shirts. Polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or jackets. In addition, textile advertising media such as cotton bags can also be finished excellently.

Take your chance and benefit from our great experience. Be inspired by the pleasant haptics and the outstanding wearing comfort of our textiles.