Embroider textiles in our embroidery department

Embroidery is one of the noblest and most durable forms of textile finishing and has a unique feel. Grantshirt distinguishes between three different embroidery techniques: the standard embroidery process, the embroidery and sewing on of patches and the 3D embroidery.

In the standard embroidery process, the design is simply embroidered directly onto the textile. In contrast, patch embroidery means that motifs, logos or lettering are embroidered on cross-body fabrics and then the appliqué is sewn onto the textile. In the third embroidery technique offered, 3D embroidery, a spatial appearance is achieved during the embroidery process by means of a foam backing.

The most frequently embroidered textiles include polo shirts, caps, soft shell jackets and shirts. By using high quality yarns we manage to embroider pictures as detailed as possible. For each embroidery we create an embroidery program from a digital template, which can be embroidered with different colors. Grantshirt has succeeded in producing embroideries from quantity 1 on at a reasonable price by unique processes.

When it comes to the finishing of your textiles with embroidery, we are exactly the right service provider at your side. We have both the necessary experience and the necessary expertise. Therefore we are able to realize your embroidery orders exactly according to your wishes and ideas.

For many years we have been embroidering a wide variety of textiles in our own embroidery workshop using a variety of the latest ZSK embroidery machines. These include shirts, polo shirts, jackets, T-shirts or caps. We offer you a completely digitalized production process coupled with highly trained production staff. This interaction guarantees you a finishing of textile articles of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

With an embroidery many different areas of textiles can be personalized. Therefore, a wide range of different applications is offered to you. Starting with functional workwear, classic business clothing, individualized team outfits and refined club or fan outfits.


As a leading company in the digitalized embroidery sector, we ensure that the finishing on your textiles always meets both your and our high quality standards. As a B2C/B2B customer or reseller, you will benefit from our embroidery work on the one hand from a pleasant wearing comfort and on the other hand from an enormous color brilliance. Both do not lose their noble appearance even after several washing processes. 

From image to embroidery file

You want to convert your logo or image file into an embroidery file? You’ve come to the right place at Grantshirt: We are specialized in converting images, drawings and fonts into embroidery files. Our trained punchers can convert almost any design. 

We work with the punching software Wilcom (EMB). In addition to the .dst format, we can also deliver your files in other formats of your choice. We also offer the additional option of express delivery, where you can receive embroideries up to 15cm within 6 hours. Our all-inclusive prices allow for easy calculation.

As template files we need a sharp image (JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF or similar) or a vector graphic (AI, CDR, EPS or similar) of your motif to create an optimal embroidery file. The higher the quality of the template, the more detailed our puncher can work. If no good templates are available, we can improvise and create an embroidery file that is as accurate as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our goal is to offer embroidery files in optimal quality at reasonable prices, because: A perfect machine embroidery is based on very good embroidery files, therefore we test each design before it is sent to you. We are familiar with all technical requirements of the different fabric properties such as cotton, polyester, fleece or similar, but also with caps. Before you receive the embroidery file, we embroider the file to make sure that the embroidery file is embroidered correctly. If changes are necessary, a free post-processing is included. If you are not satisfied with the embroidery file after three reworkings, we will not charge you for the embroidery file.

Often you pay for embroidery files separately and we also offer this service. But if you order with us, you will receive your embroidery file free of charge!

Embroidery Patches

Regardless of whether you want to finish a polo shirt, workwear or shirts, your logo or brand motif as a patch has a positive effect on customers and prospects. Let yourself and your employees be easily recognized and show a uniform appearance. This is how you present professionalism, no matter what industry you are in and additionally you create identity and company loyalty among employees. Especially in sponsoring (as patches on the shirt of a sports club) the easily attachable badges with logos are popular and serve as a cheap advertising platform. An embroidered badge is very robust and durable and is especially in the craft times more durable.

Both sewing on and ironing on as attachment of the designs have advantages and disadvantages: Ironing on is often easier, but sewing on is more durable, which is why it makes sense for craftsmen to sew on patches, and for business shirts patches can be ironed on.

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