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We are available to you as a dropshipping expert, which means that our work runs unobtrusively in the background.

The process of our work begins with the receipt of the order. Here we access your goods, which are temporarily stored with us. We then process the product according to your customer’s wishes and then carry out quality and product checks. Finally, we package the tested articles either according to your own ideas or neutrally as a white label and send them to your end customers in your name.

During the entire processing time we work with an exclusively digitalized dropshipping process. Here, each article is provided with an individual barcode at the beginning and receives its own storage space. This way, the complete production and supply chain can be traced and assigned even afterwards. 

Of course you have the possibility to combine our fulfillment offer with our dropshipping offer at any time, so there are no limits to your online store. 


Grantshirt is also a leading fulfillment company in the German textile finishing industry and has many years of experience as a Europe-wide service provider in this field. With us as your partner you have the possibility to completely dispense with your own stock of textiles and other merchandise items, as we provide everything 24/7 online. Thus you save the costs for purchasing as well as for the storage of the goods. Therefore this procedure is very budget friendly and releases your capital. This can benefit you enormously in your business balance at the end of a business year. 

In addition, you profit from an immense variety of products, which you can easily pass on to your customers in your own online store.

To be able to offer end customers the greatest possible variety of products, extensive warehousing is a prerequisite. For this you need a lot of space and therefore capital, because you have to pay the rent for the storage space and the responsible employees. You can save these costs completely when working with us, because you have access to our textile warehouse at any time. This way you create new time and financial resources, which you can use intensively for example to acquire new customers or to further improve your business model.

Our fulfillment offer not only provides you with your “own” warehouse at no charge, but also with favorable shipping conditions with our logistics service providers.

Our own highly modernized and digitalized warehouse is fully linked to our modern production facilities. This aspect, in combination with short purchase routes, ensures that your orders for textile embroidery or DTG print on demand are produced and arrive at your end customer both quickly and reliably.

In cooperation with our logistic partners DHL, UPS and DPD we are able to guarantee a delivery time of 1-4 working days for fulfillment orders from quantity 1.


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