Online store systems for textiles and merchandising articles

To get a direct connection to our services like fulfillment or production we offer you three possibilities:

The first option is the GRANTSHIRT eShop system, which allows you to offer your own personalized or individualized textiles through your own online store for your customers, employees, fans or club members.

The second possibility we offer is the GRANTSHIRT-CONNECTOR. It enables you to connect your existing online store to our full-service offer quickly and easily. 

The last possibility is the RestfulAPI, this is an interface that connects your merchandise management system directly with our production and fulfillment center.

Ihre 3 verschiedenen GRANTSHIRT Onlineshop-Lösungen


With our own GRANTSHIRT eSHOP we offer you a proven online store solution in modern design for textile finishing, which is directly connected to our production process.

The eSHOP offers you direct access to our large portfolio of textile articles. This consists of thousands of textiles and merchandise/advertising articles, which are permanently available to you.

In your store, your motif logos and designs will be stored with the corresponding type of finishing chosen by you. Orders are transmitted directly to our production. There they are produced on-demand, fast and individually for you and sent to the end customer in your name.


The CONNECTOR is the decisive interface to connect common online store systems like Shopify, Shopware or WooCommerce with our production process.

With the GRANTSHIRT CONNECTOR we help you to link your products with your self-created motives and designs. In addition you have access to our extensive textile assortment at any time via our CONNECTOR, which you can easily integrate into your store. 

After the connection, we handle the complete ordering, production and shipping process for you in the background. When you place an order in your online store, all relevant data from the shopping cart is automatically transferred to our production and fulfillment centers, the order is processed and sent to your customer in a neutral manner.


With our RESTful API you can connect your existing inventory management system as well as your online store directly to our fulfillment and production. You have the possibility to choose the textiles that fit your needs from our wide range of products. Afterwards, with our support, you determine which motifs and logos, in which color and size, at which position on your desired textile should be placed.

After the successful integration of the API in your system, all orders and printing data are automatically transferred to our production. Subsequently, the orders are sent to your customers in a controlled, fast and neutral manner, as is customary with us.